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  1. Karpasz

    Vilken fantastisk prestation! Oerhört peppande att ta del av sådana här prestationer – ger en perspektiv när en kämpar och sliter ute i terrängen att ingenting är omöjligt!

  2. Bodil Ullerup

    Hej Annette


    Tusinde tak for et fantastisk løb i dag og et super skøn område og vejret ligeså.

    Håber det bliver gentaget til næste år, så kommer  vi igen.

    Jeg fik ikke diplom dernede, så spørger nu, om jeg selv kan printe det ud herhjemme, for resultaterne kommer vel nok på hjemmesiden, gør de ikke  ?

    Mane hilsner fra nr. 118, Bodil Ullerup


      Hej Bodil

      Både resultater og diplom kommer her i løbet af næste uge:

      Mvh Ulrich Fredskov

  3. Radek

    You inspire and motivate, thank you for making your accomplishments visible! Wish you luck on the next thousands of marathons 🙂

    Best wishes!

  4. Carina Wong

    Hi Annette,

    My name is Carina Wong and I’m contacting you from ABC News in New York. We would love to feature your incredible story in our evening news program, World News with Diane Sawyer.

    Do you have any footage or photos of you running in a marathon that we could use? Ones that any of your friends or family members took that we could get permission to use in our broadcast?

    Please let me know. You can contact me at


    Looking forward to hearing from you and congratulations on your remarkable accomplishments.

  5. Rachel Coffey-Brittain


    This sounds great.  Have you been to  I recommend it to combat MS once and for all.  Your running puts you half way there!

  6. Maria Messerschmidt

    Hej Annette

    KÆMPE tillykke! Imponeret af din viljestyrke og vedholdenhed!

    Bedste løbehilsner fra Maria

  7. Galina

    Hi Annette. Sorry for my bad English. My name is Galina I am 36 years old. I have two children. This year was diagnosed with MS, but the first signs were already 14 years ago. I had originally decided that the disease will not give up and bought myself a mountain bike ride every day but it is possible. Some day I saw on Euronews chanel, report about you, and was just amazed. You have conquered your achievements. Maybe you have any other advice on how to hold out a little longer and do not become disabled? You are courageous and brave spirit.Thank you for that give people like me hope, a hope for a normal life!

    Best regards Galina.

  8. Brian Pedersen

    Hej Anette.

    Stor respekt for at du har gennemført dit projekt

    stort T`lyk.

    Held og Lykke i fremtiden med løberidet.

    Keep running


    Brian Pedersen

  9. Frank Ahlers


    at first: Rspect and congratulations!!!

    Second: Excuse my bad english and i´ll hope you understand my  short comment in german.

    Ich habe in 06.2013 die -wahrscheinliche- Diagnose MS erhalten. Bin 2011 in Lübeck meinen zweiten Marathon gelaufen und kann jetzt glauben, dass ich vielleicht noch einen laufen werde. Danke für Deine Aktion. Jeder neue Tag gehört uns!!!


    Grüße aus Schleswig – Holstein / Deutschland


    Frank Ahlers

  10. Ravindran


    Frankly the very thought of running over 15,000 KMs in a year, gives me the cramps 🙂 One can see that you are in a state of bliss  while running and radiate joy all around. That  is very unique. The world would be a  much better place with  more people like you.

    Please accept my hearty congratulations. That extends to your  family and the circle of friends who ran with you.







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